I love design, all kinds of design.

I enjoy combining different types of design to create things from the ground up or I like to change already existing things into something beautiful.

Most of the projects I work on include some sort of design.

I was a designer at Cricut©.

These are a few of the projects I created for Cricut© Design Space.

I was part of the team that worked on the team for the museum project for Vita Mix Corp.©

We completely rebuilt & restored the original office buildings and the homestead to their original glory.

We turned them into a couple of lovely museums.

We made a design plan, hunted down 1950’s vintage items, and helped stage the museum.

Corporate Office Museum

Homestead Museum

I sewed the curtains to match the original 1950’s curtains.

There were a few items that we could not find an exact match of, such as the curtains.

So I sewed the curtains myself & designed and recreated some other items for the project.



I help recreate other items for the project.

For example, we wanted to recreate the fabric that was in the kid’s room below, (it was a special request from the President of Vita Mix©).

I re-created the fabric digitally, we had it printed, & I sewed it into curtains.


Digital Design

& Original match example

Finish Curtains

We recreated the the very first infomercial set for the corporate museum

Vita Mix© actually created the first infomercial ever so, we rebuilt the original set for photos.

This is a photo from the original set.


I recreated a tray that you can see in the back of the set.


Digital Design & Match

Finished Product

I also created fabric & another set of curtains for the set.

I created a digital floral border, made it into fabric, & sewed it into the matching curtains.


Digital Design & Match

Finished Product

This is how it turned out.


I designed the Family Library

It’s located on the upper level of the residence. It’s private. We wanted it to feel comfortable & modern but blend with the feeling of the 1950’s styled museum.

I sewed the curtains in the library. 😉

I built a she shed for KILZ Complete Coat©

I took an old shed, came up with a design, & fixed it up using KILZ Complete Coat©

She Shed Snippets of Design
She Shed Snippets of Design

& created parties & events for Disney™ & Evite

I created a Beauty & the Beast Tea Party for The Beauty & the Beast™ live action movie release.


Francis Ford Coppula™

Interior Design

26 April 2023